Welcome to Happystarville Children’s Book Series!!

Welcome to Happystarville Children’s Book Series!!


About Happystarville


Happystarville Children’s book showcases a magical village deep in the forest filled with wonder and surprise.  Until one boy decides to disobey the King—will his actions change Happystarville forever . . . ?

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Happystarville Series


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Happystarville is for children around the world!

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About the Author

Ase Omavuaye Otite (pronounced Ah-Say • Aw-Mah-Vwine • Oh-Tee-Teh) is a Nigerian-born author who is passionate about children and driven to protect their innocence. Ase has an extremely creative mind and, as an artist, she loves to express herself through drawing, music, photography and words. Ase has discovered how great and freeing it is to be herself. It helps her unlock new ideas.

Ase is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator (SCBWI), and the American Library Association (ALA).

Ase resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is living her best creative life; writing children books, and taking pictures.

“Be yourself because you were born a star, and never stop dreaming.” —Ase Omavuaye Otite